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Hearken back to my very first post…

So, I’m recuperating from surgery #2 – residual thyroid tissue removed, and lymph node removal. My surgeon was ah-mazing…used my old scar line, old drain site. I am very, very grateful for the wonderful care that I’ve received from Baptist (however, the insurance coverage leaves something to be desired). I am scared to think of what my future may have been had I just stayed with my original doctor.

I’m out of work for at least three weeks – which is great – except I am a bit of a shut-in. Being a shut-in isn’t so bad if you don’t have a lot of clutter and crap staring you down from every corner, as I do. I can almost hear the pile of papers on my desk “Oh, yeah, go ahead and read your Nook…we’re fine. We’ll just hang out here. I think the kids are going to bring us more friends when they empty out their bookbags this afternoon. And don’t forget the mailman…we can always count on him to swell our ranks. No worries…you just relax with that Nicholas Sparks book…we’re not going ANYWHERE!”

Hmmm…maybe it’s time to go for a walk…


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